The Cabins

Bäverli Hills is a quiet, relaxing hotel for adults. Our minimum age limit is 16 years. Don’t think your accommodation will be simple and primitive just because the hotel is in the heart of nature. On the contrary! The accommodation is luxurious, snug and very cosy. The cabins have a theme – they are named after the animals that live in the village. Choose between Bävern (beaver), Ekorren (squirrel), Illern (polecat), Räven (fox) and Grävlingen (badger). Or hire all five!

We have decorated the cabins so that they convey a warm, comfortable feel. It’s a bit like entering another world once you step over the threshold. Nature is close by in many ways. The vegetation outside protects and contributes to the tranquillity. The decor comes from nature or is inspired by it. Each cabin is its own little oasis, a mini-world far removed from asphalt and stress. The cabins are heated centrally, but firewood is always available by the wood-burning stove, which provides plenty of heat and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Most people who come here are out and about as much as possible and then return to enjoy the warmth and comfort of the cabins. There is room for two people in each cabin and the queen size beds (160 cm) have been carefully chosen. What type of bed do you like? Feel free to ask when booking because we can offer mattress in different firmness levels.

If you’re looking for “that little bit extra”, Bävern is our most exclusive cabin, a cosy suite with a comfortable 180 cm bed and a slightly darker interior theme. A special room for special guests, such as newly weds, who we like to pamper that little bit extra.

The shared toilet and shower are in a separate building next door. Our little hamlet also has an outdoor kitchen, a wood-fired sauna for about 12 people, an outdoor shower, a grill hut and several seating areas and benches. A kitchen and communal areas can be found in the large cabin, where there is also an extra sleeping loft if needed. For dinners and meetings, the popular Glashuset in the forest glade next door can be booked (free of charge if you’re staying here).

Many cycling tourists choose to stay at Bäverli Hills. To make things a little bit easier for you, we have facilities to wash your bike, pump up the tyres, give it a check-up and then place it in safe storage. If you need to wash your clothes, owner Annette can arrange this for a small fee. And if you arrive with an electric bike, you can, of course, recharge it here!

The Fox

  • Queensize double bed
  • Ready-made bed
  • Fireplace
  • Refrigerator
  • Towels
  • Bathrobes
  • Shared toilet and shower in separate buidling
Starting From kr 1,690


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Select a Check-in and Check-out Date

The hut Beaver*
2 persons/1 person
1890 kr/1390 kr
The hut The Squirell, The Badger or The Fox*
2 persons/1 person
1690 kr/1190 kr
Additional charge for pets400 kr
The sauna400 kr
Using the sauna but not staying over night800 kr
The grill hut400 kr
Using the grill hut but not staying over night800 kr
ConferenceDagtid/Daytime 200 kr/pers
Kvällstid/Evening 300 krpers