A longing for the original and down to earth.

“I run Bäverli Hills with a personal touch, a passionate approach and a genuine interest in my guests. I’ve been doing this since 2015, when the dream of creating a place that I myself had longed for became a reality.

After many long road trips by motorcycle, with countless stops for food and sleep along the way, I had gathered a lot of inspiration and had made a mental note of what was missing. The feeling of cosy moments by the campfire in the woods during my time in America was also foremost in my mind when Bäverli Hills was created. The quiet. The atmosphere. Feeling like you’re at home, even though you’re away.

Feeling like you’re at home, even though you’re away.

Here you can put a log or two in the cabin’s wood-burning stove when your bed calls. Just to make it cosy. Maybe sneak off to the big cabin’s kitchen to gather some goodies for an evening snack. Bäverli Hills is a homely hotel outside Lidköping, more precisely between Kinnekulle and the Kålland archipelago, which invites you to relax.

Many people appreciate coming here to take a break and unwind.

Leave the noise of the city and its fast pace of life behind to spend time with your colleagues, friends or loved one. Maybe you’ll get to see the beaver family swimming in the stream here – or the elk and deer on the adjacent field.

This is a meeting place and retreat for anyone wanting not only to live close to nature but right in the heart of it – without compromising on comfort. You will feel how your energy and vitality return!

I myself am a kind of force of nature. A bundle of energy with a twinkle in the eye and my heart in the right place who likes to take good care of guests. Fixes and tricks – delivered with love. Bäverli Hills is a lifestyle for me. I cannot imagine a better job. Being out in nature, meeting all the wonderful people who come here, and making sure that they are happy during their stay makes me happy.”


For me, it’s important to protect the environment we live and work in and to be part of the local community. During the summer, I grow as much as I can in my greenhouse, which then ends up in the breakfast fridge for my guests – all guests can make their own breakfast to reduce wastage. Of course, we sort all our rubbish at Bäverli Hills and only use eco-friendly detergents and let the sun and wind dry the laundry. When we clean, we use soap and other gentle cleaning products that are good both for us, as we do our own cleaning, and our environment. We employ staff from the local area and work actively to reinvest the company’s profits to develop the business and become even better.

Annette Andersson

Annette Andersson Bäverlihills