Conferences and meetings

Let your creativity flow, new ideas take shape and important decisions be made. Solve problems and plan for the future by the campfire. Take part in teambuilding and group work with the beavers swimming in the stream alongside. Eat well in Glashuset or barbecue outdoors with the starry sky as your roof.

This is a place that gives you energy rather than sapping it.

A special place for special meetings. Here people meet without distractions and develop real bonds. It’s the atmosphere and the cosy surroundings that do it.

Choose between ordering catering or bringing your own food. Fill the fridge with goodies and decide for yourself when it’s time for coffee or lunch. Let us help, for example, by brewing the coffee, setting the table and laying out the food. We grow our own fruit and vegetables and we are careful to sort all food waste. We have only one planet and we must take care of it.

Many people appreciate the freedom and the lack of distractions that you often get at larger venues. Many good discussions have taken place here and important decisions have been made over the campfire or in the grill hut.

Hold your meetings in the kitchen or Glashuset – indoors but outdoors. A large TV, HDMI connection and free WiFi are available in both places.

Sample price

Day 1

09.00 Arrival and start of conference in Glashuset

10.30 Coffee is served

12.00 Lunch

15.30 Coffee is served

17.00 Check-in for cabins

18.00 Barbecue

During the evening, the sauna is hot and the fire is lit.

Day 2

07.00-09.00 Breakfast

09.00 Conference in Glashuset

10.30 Coffee is served

12.00 Check-out for journey home

Price from SEK 1490 per person in a double room (based on a minimum of 8 people)